Durban hosts first Barry Hilton Evolver Show

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January 4, 2016
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February 12, 2016

Durban hosts first Barry Hilton Evolver Show

Barry Hilton’s new comedy show, Evolver, starts touring in Durban at Sibaya on 26 February. With his phenomenal instincts and technical skill as a performer, Barry has always been ahead of the curve, bringing his A-game to every performance. Evolver sees him at his vibrant best showcasing brand new material – evidence of his unique ability to adapt, reinvent and evolve with the times.

After what can only be described as one of the most successful careers in South African stand-up history, Barry Hilton shows no sign of slowing down.  He is a classic career artist – in an age of one-hit wonders, he keeps smashing records. While other artists stick to what they know, he is constantly finding new places to test his craft – Vegas, cruise-liners and the East – he’s a genuine craftsman.

Given the huge scale of his achievements and punishing schedule, Hilton doesn’t seem to age, instead his life experience just provides more fuel for his unique world-view. This seasoned raconteur recently shot the lights out with a sold-out 4200-seat arena show – something no other local comic has ever achieved.

Forged in the fire of the global comedy circuit from London to Hong Kong, this versatile and dynamic comedy icon works the room with magnetic charm and infectious ease. His deft timing and tap-dancing mind leave any crowd thrilled that they came, regardless of their own background.

With sets that are never vulgar, malicious nor mean of spirit, but always funny – Barry is known to several generations as a gentleman comic and a master craftsman with flawless timing, an unpredictable hairline and a gaze that doesn’t miss a thing.

His genuinely funny bones, his uncanny ability to gauge a crowd, his firm stance on working clean, and his unflinching work ethic make Barry Hilton an institution that has stood the testament of time and continues to impress as he breaks new ground and makes ‘em laugh all over the world.

Thirty years of touring, six children, two ex-wives, a new wife, six DVDS, two movies, Vegas, Cleese, Connolly, Monkhouse, millions of air miles and a Lifetime Achiever statue on his mantelpiece…. If Barry Hilton isn’t the quintessential South African comedy giant, no one is.

Get your tickets for the show at Sibaya’s Izulu Theatre now –


“Barry seamlessly transcends cultural boundaries and appeals to an international audience.”
– Umar Rana, Founder, Comedy Masala Singapore

“Explosive, universal and very funny!”
                                                             – Jami Gong, Founder, TakeOut Comedy Club, Hong Kong

“Hilarious! Barry attracts more British audience members than any other international comedian.”
                                                                                       – Pamela Doran, Clapham Grand, London

“Barry Hilton must be the funniest comedian to have ever come out of South Africa and he is set to be one of the big comedy names in Australia …”
                                                             – Graeme Gillies, Owner, Grayboy Entertainment, Sydney

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