Jokes 4 Africa


Jokes 4 Africa

So, you’ve been asked to say something at the big event. A few words, a toast, a speech. This calls for some good jokes, but let’s face it, you’re no Barry Hilton. Well, guess who we have on our team.

Barry Hilton. With more than 30 years’ experience and firmly established as one of South Africa’s premier stand-up comedy acts, one thing is certain: Barry’s got jokes. And now you can have them too.

In-between the more than a hundred shows he does annually (both locally and abroad), the funny doesn’t switch off. Friends often ask him for a joke or two when they need to give a potentially boring speech a boost of hilarity. Naturally, they’re never disappointed.

If he can help them, why not help you too?

You know the people, the environment, the background and the quirks – Barry knows how to take that information and deliver tailor-made gags and quips. Ensuring that your turn at the microphone is not forgotten the moment it’s over.

Be the oke with the bespoke joke.

“Get their attention.”

It’s such a simple hint, but it makes a world of difference. It’s also very much easier said than done.

How do you grab a crowd quickly and make them take notice?

Unless your budget allows a marching band and fireworks display, there’s only one option.

Tell them a joke. Or two.

Starting on a high note makes an audience anticipate more of the same, giving you their full attention.

That would have to be quite some joke.

Perfect for the occasion, so apt and fitting you’d think it was tailor-made for that specific moment.

Which is exactly what does.

Delivering humour that is custom made for your audience, based on information you provide about everything relevant to the event.

No need to go looking for gags that are not quite apt for the event and then either spend some agonizing hours trying to crowbar it into your speech. Or even worse, to let a stunned and shocked silence descend on a disbelieving audience when you tell a totally irrelevant and inappropriate joke.

Rather add some humour that is 100% made of the occasion. Wherever, whenever, whatever the occasion or event. With some quick and hilarious one-liners your speech, toast or presentation will not only be heard, it will be remembered!

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